Natural Glow

glowOur skin is the largest organ in the body, composed of the same connective tissues that are found around bones and muscles. It is continuously shedding dead cells and produces a new protective layer every 27 days.

Our skin reflects not only what we expose it too externally but what is going on within the body. Symptoms of a poor diet, irregular bowel movements, inflammation and gastrointestinal conditions can all show up on our skin.

We cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise, and try the latest beauty serums and cosmetic procedures in an effort to look the very best we can. But we also need to look at our diet, stresses, sleep and toxins  that all contribute to the long term health and appearance of our skin.

We know poor digestion can make us feel lethargic, bloated and irritable but can also lead to skin blemishes and break outs. Keeping the gastrointestinal system healthy is essential to optimum vitality and well-being.

A balanced, nutritious diet rich in fruit and vegetables is also essential for healthy skin. The skin needs good nutrients to maintain its integrity. We live in a fast paced society that is relying on over processed, convenience based, sugar and fat laden foods. These processed foods are often low in the vitamins and minerals we need to not only function optimally but look our best.

Add superfoods such as spirulina and chlorophyll into your diet to bolster your green nutrients and include antioxidants like vitamin C to aid collagen production and protect against free radical damage.

The New Era tissue salt, silica, is also an ideal skin supplement. It is the main constituent of all connective tissues, a cell cleanser and eliminator. Silica is required to support the condition and appearance of skin, hair and nails and may help aid skin infections, impure blood, boils and pimples.