No 10. NAT. PHOS.  Natural antacid

New Era Nat. Phos. assists with over acidity of the blood, gastric disorders, heartburn and arthritic symptoms. It also supports healthy functioning of the digestive system and assimilation of fats and other nutrients.  Biotin supports healthy hair, skin and nails, helps the nervous system function properly and is necessary for cell growth and energy.


  • Acidity, heartburn
  • Joint, muscle pain
  • Rheumatism, lumbago, fibrositis

Sodium Phosphate, Biotin, Lactose
No added artificial additives, vegetarian, gluten free

Adults: 4 tablets taken 3 times daily
Children: 2 tablets 2-3 times daily

To be dissolved directly on the tongue

Infants: 1 tablet crushed with a little water to form a paste, placed on the tongue or in a bottle

Available in 240 tablets